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  Xhang masters the ancient samurai
technique of
  As the Fir Cruthen
pass nonchalantly by...
  Donald stops to give greeting..  
  as the Ice Elves
pass by..
  No Freoch this time - sadly..  
  Well ... I'll be off then !  
  You tak the High Road...  
  And I'll go this way  
  " I think this is my best side "  
  While at the college
who is feeding the minds
of the youngsters?
  and what with ...

[sings.."the old dope pedlar.." ]

  Time to discuss
the higher things of life
  While the Kings Own relax a little
in the shade
  While others enjoy
a quick game
  While Sarge
checks on his charges
in the King's Own
  As the games
the High Chair of the
Wolves lies vacant
  A little shade is welcome  
  One steppe at a time  

And time for a quick pose

Konrad Von Waldram and
Stefan Von Marienburg
of the Ravens - Viper

  While at the Mead Hall  
  Old Man Roshi
of the Draken..
  A Champion Fighter
of the Wolves
who will be so busy
overseeing the competitions
that he will be unable to complete
  But all is busy at he Mead Hall  
Vollsanger noted..
  a new contingent approaching  
  Kol Jordach - rests for a second
in the Church of Hel
  While other followers of Hel
little know what is to befall
their Shaman
  but at least it is cool here...  
  While back on the field  
  you can shade with a shield  
  but somehow
water on the head is still
the most effective
and most attractive
  Only thing more cooling than
the Crimson Moon
in the background 
  and Djordic and Signy
have a quiet moment
  while zophiel
is accompanied by Jag
  While other faces
were unknown to
  but Renewal is another

still juggling

  and Dunna Bynt
closely shadowed by Master
Samwise Bynt
  and so we leave the field of
for the moment
  and of course - there is still more competition
and what is happening back at the Crimson Moon ?
and in the other camps...
and what about this rumour of a Spirit Shrine..
and who is this Brother G Person anyway ??
We still have not answered any of these important questions...
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