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Thank You - Vollsanger - by leave of the Widow Lady

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  So back in the field
we greet and pass on
  and we see you pass on to the games
as Vollsanger explores
the camps of the factions
  Vollsanger is
momentarily distracted..
  by happenings on the other
side of the field
  While back to
the encampment
the FC are hanging around
  While Raimos
the "Brave Privateer" (C) Vollsanger
has new company
  "The ladies all swoon,
be it eve, morn or noon
When he sweeps in with grace so sincere...
His Helmet upstanding,
he stokes his great pipe
Does Raimos Debonair Privateer."

Vollsanger - here all week

  While Vollsanger
failed to catch
the "Captain's"
  or  was she an admiral?  
  or just Admirable

[ (c) v: here all week ]

  While back to the Fir Cruthen  
  Obviously on guard...

but against what ?

  They seemed unsure...  
  But Raimos strikes  a pose  
  While the young heroes
of future generations
ready themselves to meet
  unspeakable dangers...

more of them later...

  While in the Hartland
of the Jhereg
  deep discussion  
  and listening .  
  to mother  
  all are entranced  
Hart Says
  wah wah wah  
  or was that a joke

"There was this Bear..."

  "Walked into the Crimson
Moon  Tavern ..."
  "I know this one !!"  
  and so we move on  
  while outside
a little smithying
  shh!! don't wake him up...  
  While another domocile
is vacant
  Wile the Mirdan of the High Elves
offer some comment upon the
artistry ...
  and future
show their own skills..

Projectile .. (vomitting)

  range - 30ft

is this Brother G ?   thinks...
  I see some similarities
the lack of hair
no sense of responsibility.

perhaps I should consult the college

  While the FC
are ever vigilant
  Donald checks
the style
  very good  
  Much better  
  Blue is this year's Black  
  I'll just go play Croquet..  
  So we still haven't actually seen much of the competitions
but we have seen some of the other camps...
haven't found a shrine yet..
and Brother G probably doesn't exist anyway
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