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And then ...
we found the Shrine...
but it had been alone so long that it had forgotten what it was to be Noscan

  Sigurd - the Shaman of Hel
makes a final appearance
  with Bog
of the Church ..

And Elmbrat of the Black Wolf

  as the Norscans assemble  
  While a certain Fox
guards the shrine
Kitsune of the Black Wolf
  Barney and the Ogres of the Black Wolf  
  supported by Hel  
  So here we all are
and the shrine gives a little hug
  Magnus of the Black Wolf  
  Ahh - to be Norscan  
  "The place seems strangely
quiet and peaceful"

thinks Tain

  and the shrine welcomes all  
  as we sing of being Norscan  
  and tell of the brave deeds of the wolves  
  "race you to Valhalla"  
  "of course - some of us
don't get to Valhalla ...


  "but we will see you at Ragnarok
and meet up with old friends"
  and Cerzar says

"And you will be last Sigurd
Cos you are funny ...!"

  But the shrine wants more
and Barnie is happy to
tell it all about recent history
  and so the Ogres want to stay  
  and tell of the Blood Hag
and the Swarm
  and how good it is to be an ogre  
  and there we will leave them till later  
the younger heroes are
facing their own perils
  acts of derring do  
  against terrible odds  
  but our new generation  
  are able to match the monsters  
  attack the zombies  
  take the battle field  
  and match sword for swrod  
  blow for blow  
  some would fall  
  but in the end  
  Good would prevail  
  and the worthy  
  would leave the battle field with glory  
  after the fallen were healed  
  and monsters searched  
  and evil trounced  
  to make the Fayre  
  safer for all the big folks  
  So we still haven't actually seen much of the competitions
but we have seen some of the other camps...
and now we have visited the  shrine and told it about ourselves..
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