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  and so we return to the
Crimson Moon...
  Where Vollsansger finds himself
in conversation
  with a number of customers  
  but enraptured  
  by one!!  
  But of course she was in company  
  but the Wolf's Fire was
burning behind..
  So - lets go for a breath of fresh air
where they queue at the
King's Banquet
  Though it was all too much
for some..
  While behind the bar
the relative merits of the dagger
versus the Ice Tong
is subject of discussion
  And the role of the tray as Shield  
  Samwise and Tiddly Bynt  
  Well I wil stick with
One handed Ice Tong and Tray
  While Rann sings a little
ditty - here all week
  "enough to drive you to drink"
says Samwise
  "but worth joining in the chorus"
says Tiddly Bynt
  while in the tavern
it is business as usual
  as Stilla proves it is possible
to get a picture without a
fag in hand...
  and in the tavern...
the search for
message tokens goes on ...

"mama told me not to come .."

  So - on to the Prize Giving  

Lord Wolf gathers the players and supporters
to honour those who had excelled themselves in the games

  with a little Wah Wah  
  and a check of the old scoreboard  
  and there is
anticipation in the stands
  and  in the stalls  
  and the area is set
for the awards
  "unaccustomed as I am to speaking.."  
  while a little shade is appreciated  
  in the sun ..  
  and the Dire Wolf look on  
  while others wait  
  in anticipation  
  the Lacota use the only bit of shade  

and so to the winners

[Waiting on Results ]





and for the ...



  While ...
Lieutenant Spencer

Collect the
prize for the
Bailing Competition




A prize of
a mast...



  "so you got a boat ? ... No !!
You ? - No -
  So now we are on to the competitions
and we have seen some of the other camps...
and found a shrine and told it how to be Norscan..
and any one of these winners could be Brother G  
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