Renewal 1105
from Vollsanger

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  So the Church of Hel
got into the act..
  But even the Church has
its own distractions
and merits
  and a worrying smile upon
Sijurd's face..

One wonders what Plot stick has
just been wielded...

  While this green addition
to the Wolves learns to
Control Fire !!

[well okay - it is a manipulation
but he had a phone in his hand !!!
and I didn't see it till after the photo
was taken !!]

  While WOW looks confident
while the match goes on
  Come on then !!!  
  Who Me???  
  Meanwhile !!!!

Vollsanger was charmed
by a smile !!!



A smile is enough to
send Vollsanger
into reverie...

 [see Vollsanger's View
"Dreams of Nangoku"]

  Greetings ...  
  While Signy the Castellan
gets a back rub..
  While a new Wolf Alchemist
watches on
  And the Orknejans
keep a careful watch
  [But Sadly Vollsanger has spent
only too little time with his
so please let me know names
to add to the pictures]
  Ohh -
there is one recognisable peasant..
Asgeil Freyasteinson
  And of course
Brunhilga Pronsdottir
with the Voice of  the
Valkyrie themselves
  Oh yes..
and a bondsman
of ... urr .. ummm
it will come back to me !!!
  and there she is again
potions and stuff
  And from the Command Tent
came the sound of mirth
  Oh - is was Mirth !!  
  While Queen Morel
has a few quiet moments
  While Asgeil tucks into
his borst

Oh Yes!!!...
The Thor's Hammer Copmpetition !!!
Won by WOW
of the Grendel

[see Vollsanger's View
"WOW" and "Thors Hammer"

  Did we miss it ??  
  Anders Skeldson
  A quiet moment
between the



(Well it was a long time
since the last meanwhile)


  So Vollsanger
promises a special song
for a visiting lady

(Sadly she never came back to hear it
maybe next time)

  So let us get on our way
passing the Gate Guard
  and heading towards
the Crimson Moon
  A Fine establishment
if I may say so
and purveyor of the best wines and

[says the Widow lady]

  The sort of place you can
find almost anyone
though some do not seem
to want to be seen!
that's who !!
meant no offence
  WE always have the nicest clientele
in the Crimson Moon
  a place for
deep conversation
  or the pursuit of intellectual games ..

like - err


  or perhaps some small
business proposition
over a glass of Camel P*ss
  well -  there is probably more  wheeling and dealing
some people pulling (pints!) - Bards Competition - around the market area
and even a battle or two
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