Renewal 1105
from Vollsanger

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  Sadly, not survive the battle
the next day -
but they all heard who she was
up in Valhalla
  Even the Drow behind
took a step back !!
  And on then to
a little ditty about
Alchemical Deeds
  And then
the Main Contenders..
  capture the show..  

Cromwell and Co

[post me the proper names]



  While the long suffering Bar Staff
in the Crimson Moon
serve everyone

Dunna Bynt  

and thanks to Dunna (Neil)
for taking the rest of the
photos while I
joined the Swarm


So Back in the sunshine
and to a new day
and a battle

  And we join the Swarm..  
  as they muster for the
second battle...
  hiding in the woods  
  and head off down the track..  
  That rat looks strangely familiar...  
Vollsanger wasn't taking these
pictures.. so there must be a
"Meanwhile" factor built
into the Imp Box!!!
  Stilla Nother Bynt of the Crimson Moon
and Bevyn, Stormwolf
  What are they doing ??  
  Lots of Movement..
Seems to be a step to the right ..
  Aha - Signy Rat demonstrating
The Pelvic Thrust gives it away
  The Time Warp

"it's just a Swarm to the left "

  And onto the battle  
  don't expect a commentary here
Vollsanger was not there
only a Rat
  but it all looked pretty confusing  
  Waiting for the next Wave  
  hiding in the bushes..  
  and attack !!  
  one down..  
  and waiting patiently ..  
  and of course - there is more of the battle
- so you will have to go to the next page to see... click here
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