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from Vollsanger

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  And so...
Onto the Bard's Competition

The Caliphate are ready..

  In fact impatient  
  The Correspondents from
the Goblin Gossip
are ready
  Bottle of mead in hand  
  Ohh ..
You have company !!!
  So back to the waiting
  without distractions..  
  And so
Brought to you by the
  Off we go with the

[sorry for poor quality images
all enhanced but it was very dark]

  The competitors receive some
words of advice and abuse
from the Judges
  and varying levels of
approbation from the assembled
  though some seem to enjoy !  
  or just get on with the serious
business of drinking
  Matron Mother, Lixx, and Ron
Cast their eye over
the Evil Sunz Own
their VERY OWN
little sunbeam

singing her little ditty

  To universal acclaim
from the Contingent of Orcs
 in the corner
and Beauty
What more could an Orc Want
  And next up


with an Operatic Tale of
Wenches and Witches

  and of course there is more of the Bards Competition
- and even a battle or two
- so you will have to go to the next page to see... click here
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