Renewal 1105
from Vollsanger

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for Renewal at Estragales
from Vollsanger
  And what better way to start
than with a this fellow..
  away from the woods
the Swarm are hard pressed
back into their tunnels
  a short moment
to catch breath
  well - a few minutes actually
as the sun came out and
turned the battlefield into a furnace


"the Battle moved onwards the Sun hot as fire
the heat bearing down like a funeral pyre.."

the Valkyrie Song


  and now ready to defend the
Swarm City and Tunnels
  Shields at the ready  
  Facing the Viper Shieldwall again  
  Swarm... Swarm... Swarm...  

and battle ensues

["our spears crossed their arrows
like hawks in the sky"..]

the Valkyrie Song

  Charge !!  
  and rest !!!  
  Defending the tunnels  
  Arrows at the ready  
  The Swarm Challenge the factions
to approach
  Healer !!  
  resting in the shade  
  The eye of the Storm  
  While the War Engine is prepared  
  War Machine v War Machine  
  Ready to take the final tunnels  
  and ready to defend  
  A good day to die !!  
  in the press..  
  one down  
  Gotcha !!!  
  Which one next ??
Picking your target!!
  Lions fight through  

and of course - there was more of the battle
and many more heroic deeds occurred throughout the weekend
but the Widow lady did not let Vollsanger out to record it all with his imp box..

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