Renewal 1105
from Vollsanger

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  The Caliphate
deep in discussion
Having just taken over the
Crimson Moon Concession
 for Caliphate Camel P*ss

The Tsarina deigned to
award us with her presence

  and the hoi polloi  
Back to the Tsarina..
  As the Steppe Alliance
discuss serious matters
  So - What is Juggs
doing under there ??

Calico Pulls !"!

  Calico pours a pint of
Bothvardier (c)
leaving the Camel P*ss
for the Caliphate
  While Dunna Bynt
shows why he is the master

[though you can just see Stilla
in her normal position
sitting down on the job again !!]

  As I thought
sitting down again

Slepnir and Fenris Magazine

[Horse & Hounds
to the uneducated]

  Steppe  Aerobics ??  
fresh from a hard day
as a Shine Shine Girl


outstanding - urr
and Crimson Moon Waitress
and runner
  While in the Market Place
a good place to find
  a local chef
and kitchen hands
  Citadel Chef!!!
a belligerent Butcher!!

Kiren the Troll


something distracted Vollsanger !!

  While in the Traders,
this delightful suit of armour
failed to inspire anyone to try it on
let alone buy it
much to Mick the Trader's
He offered to help with fitting
and everything
  While we make way for the
High Elves
  Who seem to be on a mission  
  While back in the Tavern

[well I am sorry .. the Widow
Lady doesn't let Vollsanger
out much !!]

  We are back to supervise
some pole dancing
  The Widow Lady like to take
a personal interest in
Rising stars ...
  While some pay for him to start  
  Others pay for him to stop  
  and some sign a petition to
protect the innocence of the
Tent Pole
  Look Ma

I'm Nearly Famous Now

  Any requests from the corner ??  
  Thank You - Thank you  
  A small payment  
in the audience
  and a certain
disgruntled Alhgaian Gentleman
who commissioned a rousing
song from Vollsanger

"Ye Elven kind by name - Lend an Ear
Pointed ear
You Elven kind by name - lend an ear..."

  and of course - while all this went on - there was still to happen
 Bards Competition - and even a battle or two
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